By serving as a constant and safe source of employment for the community for over 30 years 
By offering competitive and better salaries than the industry average and with benefits greater than those established by Law 
By generating jobs for men and women without discrimination of sex, ideology, religion, race or sexual preference. (47% of our employees are female, where they hold offices: quality certification, purchases, treasury, sales, accounting)  
By donating continuously to Charity. 
By promoting health, disease prevention and vaccination campaigns among employees 
By providing training, facilities and team work that foster employee security. 
Private Medical coverage for employees. 
Continuous training to employees 
Dignified working areas and spaces. 
By supporting social and recreation activities for employees. 

By complying with all Tax liabilities in a timely manner. 
By complying and surpassing minimum wages and benefits established by the Law of Labor. 
By complying with the business operation and functioning procedures required in a timely manner. 
By complying with external Audits in the following areas: taxing, accounting, IMSS [Social Security] and Infonavit [Employee Housing Fund] to certify proper business operation. 
With facilities within a reserve land of approximately 5,000m2 of which 4,000m2 are green areas. 
By caring for our emissions to the atmosphere through clean industrial processes 
By applying proper toxic waste management practices through specialized outsourced companies in this matter 
Rational use of resources such as: water, gas and power. 
With machinery, equipment and vehicles under constant preventive maintenance; and in the particular case of vehicles, they all comply with environmental policies of DF. 
By contributing to the economic, commercial and labor activities that integrate Mexico’s productive chain. 
By building long term relationships with customers and suppliers that yield benefits for both parties. 
By manufacturing top quality Mexican products with world-wide recognition 
By building long term relationships with customers and suppliers that yield benefits for both parties. 
By generating nation-wide productive chains.  
By participating in technology and information exchange and development with off-shore businesses to yield sustainable growth for both parties. 

All these practices lead the company to fulfilling its purpose, but through sustainable practices for the environment.




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